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Trend Alert! U.S. Destination Weddings are on the Rise!

According to our just-released 2012 Destination Wedding Survey results, nearly 1 in 4 couples (24%) had a destination wedding in 2011, a significant increase from 20% in 2009. Not only were there more destination weddings, but there were significantly more weddings hosted in the continental U.S, which is great news for U.S. wedding venues and the weddings industry at large. In 2011, 70% of couples who hosted a destination wedding chose a venue in the U.S. compared to 60% in 2009. The top domestic wedding destinations include Florida, California, Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Why are so many more couples opting to get married away from home? "The idea of having a destination wedding is growing among our brides, and it goes hand in hand with the fact that most people no longer live where they grew up," said Carley Roney, co-founder of XO Group Inc. "When family is spread all over the country, a destination wedding is the perfect way to bring everyone together."


  1. 350,000 destination weddings take place annually, representing 24% of all weddings
  2. The average destination bride is 30 years old
  3. Destination weddings have an average of 86 guests
  4. 70% of destination weddings take place in the continental US
  5. Florida, California and Nevada are the top three destination wedding locations in the continental US
  6. 30% of destination weddings take place outside the continental US
  7. The Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii are the most popular wedding locations outside the continental US
  8. 51% of destination wedding couples use a wedding planner
  9. 69% of destination weddings are held outdoors
  10. 10.86% of couples still plan to take a honeymoon after their destination wedding

To check out the full press release, click here!