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Webinar Recap! Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

How can you use social media to grow your business? Last night, Michelle McIvor, Director of Community and Social Marketing at XO Group, Inc., hosted our monthly webinar to tell us how! She shared tons of tips and ideas for building your social media presence and monitoring your success. She also mentioned several tools to help you manage your various social media accounts. Check out the highlights below!

Social media is important for your business because it helps you connect with your current customers and show off your word-of-mouth network. Just look at the numbers. Facebook has approximately 901 million active monthly users, and Twitter has an estimated 140 million active monthly users with an average of 340 million tweets per day. While Pinterest is relatively new to the scene, it has grown considerably from 1 million users last July to 20 million users in April.

So how can you use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to grow your business? Here’s how to get started.

Getting started on Facebook:

  • Create a brand page on Facebook. Use to see if the username you want is available.
  • Add a visually stunning cover image that represents your brand (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall).
  • Add milestones to your timeline to tell your brand’s history.
  • Add apps like maps, videos, and events. You can find a list of apps on Facebook here.
  • Post content depicting behind-the-scenes activities, exclusive updates or promotions.
  • Find out when your fans engage the most on Facebook using Edgerank Checker.
  • Use Facebook Insights to monitor your activity and determine what content is successful.
  • Geotarget posts when you are promoting local deals or events.

Getting started on Twitter:

  • Pick a Twitter handle or name that is easy to find and remember.
  • Create a visually stunning custom Twitter background that includes your contact info.
  • Use to find and follow influencers and competitors within your space.
  • Make your tweets personal and authentic. Your followers want to know that you’re a real person.
  • Tweets that pose questions, share information, and links out to really great content are the most popular. 
  • Make it a conversation: reply, retweet, reply, retweet
  • Monitor your @messages and Direct Messages to collect feedback.
  • Want some more ideas? Try twitter chats and giveaways.

Getting started on Pinterest:

  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account, request an invite. 
  • Once you’ve created an account, start creating boards that show off the vision behind your brand. Pinterest isn’t about self-promotion so stay away from regularly pinning your products and services.
  • Come up with compelling board names. This will help you earn followers and gain repins.
  • Get your employees involved. Do you have interns? Have them create dream wedding inspiration boards.
  • Visit to determine what others are pinning from your site.
  • Don’t forget to monitor your repins, likes and comments to determine what’s successful and inform your strategy moving forward.

Michelle also mentioned some great tools to help you get started and manage your various accounts, including:

Google Alerts

Once you’ve gotten started using social media, don’t forget to let potential clients, partners and your current customers know about it. Enable social sharing on your site and include Follow Us buttons to so that visitors to your site can find your social pages. To grow a healthy audience, be sure to share quality content, include links to your social accounts wherever you can (your e-mail signature, newsletters, business cards, thank you pages) as well as cross promote your social accounts. Finally, get listed on Twitter directories to help people find you. Some directories to check out are, and

Thanks to those who tuned in. If you missed it, you can catch a replay of the entire webinar here.